About Us

Story of three idiots or three musketeers you must have heard. Now it’s time to make a twist in the story…

It’s the story of four friends who were born almost at the same time and did their schooling togather, went to same college and enjoyed their lives together. Their friendship grew stronger & stronger with each passing year, surprisingly even after their marriages.

They started going for outside with their wives, and most of the times they went together for late night parties & clubbing etc. They enjoyed a lot but always regretted one thing that was non availability of good mouth watering food late at night after late night parties. So most of the times they used to compromise on food as most of the restaurants and good joints use to close early. 75% of time they got nothing and rest of times they could not relish as the food used to lousy. After considerable thought one of them took initiative and opened a food joint where one can get delicious mouth watering food throughout the night. (5pm to 5am) Thus, the birth of a new food joint “NITEBITE” took place, not only for that four but for all the food lovers of the city.

Hope this food joint is enjoyed & loved by all of us.

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